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The fight against money laundering and terrorism financing in Cameroon is carried out  by a group of key participants, at the centre of which is the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) called the National Agency for Financial Investigation, better know by the acronym “NAFI”.

NAFI was created following Presidential Decree No. 2005/187 of 31 May 2005 laying down its organisation and functioning. Its creation clearly outlines the political will of the Head of State, and the application of firm commitments taken at the international level, to endow Cameroon with an ideal tool to combat modern-time crimes like money laundering and terrorism financing.

In fact, the Decree complies with one of the recommendations in Article 25 of Regulation No. 01/03- CEMAC-UMAC-CM of 4 April 2003 on the prevention and combating of money laundering and terrorism financing in Central Africa, which stipulates that: a National Agency for Financial Investigation shall be instituted in each CEMAC (Economic and Monetary Committee of Central African States) member state.

The National Agency for Financial Investigation of Cameroon effectively became operational in January 2006 and is among the first FIUs in Central Africa to be set up. Its missions are traditionally those of a conventional Financial Intelligence Unit notably to receive, analyse and if need be, forward to the competent judicial authorities all financial intelligence likely to help establish the origin of sums of money or nature of the transactions mentioned in the suspicion report relating to the anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing drive.

Besides this statutory mission, NAFI has, since inception, engaged in building capacities of its staff; it has reinforced its internal legal framework and has embarked on a continuous awareness campaign among its main partners, who are liable professions pursuant to Article 5 of the CEMAC Regulation and Article 13 of the Presidential Decree mentioned above. The aim of these actions is to enhance the comprehension and implementation of the basic legal instruments regulating the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing by the different stakeholders in our country.

Nevertheless, much is yet to be done in certain aspects notably: making all liable professions to join the drive; putting in place of a platform for consultation and exchange and the effective mobilisation of all national stakeholders involved in this fight.

In fact, it is on the basis of a national plan that NAFI, through its expertise and experience, could instil a dynamic action which will integrate new methods and major innovations in the government policy to combat financial crime in general. Also, this will go a long way to step up the fight and foster international cooperation.

The creation of a website is a step forward by NAFI to encourage the different parties to join the fight.

We await any proposals or comments on the presentation and ways by which we could improve on the content of this website.

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